What We Offer
If you are considering ordering a wedding cake from Sweet Art
Wedding Cakes, please take the time to read the following.
  1.  Please be aware of our per serving prices listed below.
  2.  There is a minimum order amount of $250 on all wedding cake orders.
  3.  Many of the questions you may have can be answered here.  (This page also
    contains need-to-know policies about ordering a cake.)
  4.  Don't forget the base/stand for your cake.  It is an often overlooked detail that
    can really help your cake stand out.
  5.  Appointments are done 7 days of the week.
  6.  There is a $250 retainers fee required to reserve your date.  (This is non
    refundable and is applied to the cost of your cake.)
Cake Prices
All cakes are priced per serving.

Serving prices start at $3.00 for buttercream.
Fondant covering adds $0.50 per serving.
Sheet cake prices start at $2.50.  (These are double layered sheet cakes with a filling.)
Dummy cakes start at $2.00 per dummy serving.
Cupcakes start at $3.00 each.

Keeping it quick & simple?  Check out our sale priced cakes!

Gourmet Cheesecakes start at $60.00 (undecorated.)

Fondant decorations, hand piping, or other decorations may add to the cost.
Gumpaste flowers are priced based on the type of flower.

Prices for other favors such as mints, cookies, mini-cakes, etc., are listed on the
Desserts page.
Cake Serving Info
Things to consider when choosing your cake sizes:

How many people you are serving?
How many tiers do you want your cake to be?
Are you saving the smallest tier for your first anniversary?
(If so, do not include it in the number of servings counted for the guests.)

Wedding cake serving size is 1"x 2"x cake height (4.5").

On average about 70% of all invited guests come.  (Less, if most of your guests live
out of town, and more, if the majority live locally.)

If you are having a groom's cake, you can divide the number of servings between the
two cakes.  The bridal cake is usually the larger of the two.  

Extra Info:
A cake tier is 2 layers of cake iced together with a filling in the middle, making it 4.5"
tall.  An average wedding cake is 3 or 4 tiers.
Every wedding is uniquely special and deserves a cake that embodies that couples individuality on their special day.  
Sweet Art Wedding Cakes can design a unique and truly memorable cake for your wedding day or other special
occasion.  You deserve a one of a kind cake that reflects your individuality and will have your guests talking for years to
come.  We have styles available that you can't get at supermarket bakeries such as fondant cakes and chocolate work.  
Your flavor choices are not limited to white, chocolate, or marble as in most supermarket bakeries.  We have a huge
selection of flavors for cakes, fillings, and frostings that you won't find anywhere else.  Our cakes are superior in taste
and design.  Specialty cakes are in high demand and we book sometimes a year in advance, so call or e-mail to reserve
your date as soon as possible.
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Special Occasion Cake Pictures
Things to keep in mind when estimating you # of servings.
Decorated Sugar Cookies
Answers to common questions.
  1. A huge selections of cake flavors, fillings, and icings!
  2. All cakes are made fresh to order within 48 hours of your wedding.
  3. The cakes are wonderfully moist and smooth as every recipe is tested until it's
  4. Icings and fillings are also made fresh just for your event.
  5. Free delivery and set up in Lincoln.
  6. I specialize in cakes. This is what I have studied and trained in for years, not
    something I do on the side.  This is my business and it's very important to me!
  7. I have had some of the best know teachers in the cake industry.  You can check
    the About Me page for a partial list.
  8. I limit the number of weddings I do each weekend so your cake will be made with
    the utmost care, never rushed.
  9. I will personally make your cake.  It will not be passed off to an intern.  The skill
    level of the person making your cake is guaranteed.   
  10. A free consultation and 1 free tasting (for orders meeting the $250 minimum.)
  11. I keep up-to-date on the latest designs and trends.
  12. You are not limited to a set number of designs.   
  13. I am licensed and inspected by the state.  The facility is clean and kept to the
    highest standards.  Have a peek!
Important Info!!